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Acne( Pimples)

Homeopathic acne treatment is the use of alternative medications and products to treat breakouts. This can be performed once an understanding of what causes pimples is interpreted. This condition results from an imbalance of more than two factors related to the sebaceous gland and duct system. Homeopathic remedies for acne are needed because of a disorder in the sebaceous glands which creates clogged pores and outbreaks of lesions called "pimples". The most common breakout areas include the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders (primarily the upper part of the body). Over 17 million people per year suffer from some type of disorder. If a person has a severe case, this can lead to scarring. Treatment is needed when the skin makes oil that is normally secreted through hair follicles. A change in the inner lining of the follicle prevents the oil from passing through. Cells plug the follicles opening and the oil can't get out. The mixture of the plugged cells and the oil make bacteria that normally live on the skin to grow inside the plugged follicles.

Bacteria living in the plugged follicles produce enzymes and chemicals that cause inflammation; which is described as swelling, redness, heat, and pain. When the plugged follicle can no longer hold everything it contains, the follicle bursts and spills onto the skin. Lesions or pimples are created as a result of the irritation caused by the plugged follicle contents. Homeopathic acne treatment can then be performed in such ways as hot and cold packs, or a good soap scrub to kill any bacteria left on the skin. Participating in a healthy diet can also be considered a form of this treatment. Although some believe that pimples can be contagious, they most certainly are not. Homeopathic remedies for acne include the washing of both hands and face on a regular timetable and not picking or bothering the lesions.

Often, cold compresses for an extended period of time can really help reduce the inflammation of the bacteria. The inflammation usually results in swelling, which comes across as red "pimples" or "zits". One of the objects of homeopathic remedies for acne is to improve the skins resistance to infection. Most issues can be solved through a healthy diet and good hygiene. A homeopathic acne treatment can help during the flare up times (when there are an excessive amount of infectious inflammations). Consistent treatment is vital for the individual who wants to prevent further outbreaks or flare ups from occurring in the future. Preventative remedies can be from products that have natural ingredients. Usually unprocessed and non-chemical contents are the types of medication or topical creams that are most often utilized.

Antimonium tartaricum can be used for tender, larger lesions that leave blue-red marks on the skin after the inflammation has ceased. Typically, candidates for this homeopathic acne treatment are irritable and resistant to many other illnesses. Other homeopathic remedies for acne include calcerea carbonica. This remedy works for a patient who is known for clammy hands and feet, is easily tired, and either flabby or overweight. The remedy can help improve a skin's resistance to infection. People who are recommended for this are usually anxious and have cravings, for sweets and eggs. Some say that stress causes acne, not directly, but this does stimulate the body enzyme and immune systems to cause a stimulation of the oil glands. Lowering the levels of ones stress can help to decrease oil production and create the symptoms of acne. "Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."

Some also believe that fried foods are the cause of breakouts. Fried foods have not been shown to cause this, or relate to any cause. Homeopathic remedies for acne can include medicine or nutrients that regulate hormone levels, as changing hormone levels are by far the leading cause of acne. Men and women experience the same results from changing hormonal levels even thought the amounts of each hormone are dramatically different. Homeopathic acne treatment is most often needed in the teenage years. Older people can also develop pimples, but are advised to immediately see a physician if a severe outbreak occurs. Common and frequent use of birth control pills has resulted in a much older generation of women over 30 who have acne. A mixture of these home remedies may be very helpful for a woman or man in returning to a healthy and acne-free complexion.