Advantages of Homeopathy

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Advantages of Homeopathy

Homeopathy does have, however, one great advantage over other forms of therapy. Because its indicated remedy is chosen only by the symptom pattern of the patient, a remedy can be found for every possible condition, irrespective of whether a definitive medical diagnosis can be established or not. In allopathy, even with the finest modern methods of examination, the causes of many disorders are not readily found and, not finding a cause, the allopath is unable to offer adequate treatment. Such a deficiency can't occur with homeopathy. Because a remedy choice is made exclusively on the physical and mental character, one can always be found for every patient, because even an un-diagnosable disease will have symptoms. If this remedy is wisely chosen, an improvement in the patient's condition is almost sure to follow, assuming the problem is among those susceptible to homeopathic treatment.

Another advantage of homeopathy is that it is truly safe

The remedies are prepared in such dilution that they are absolutely harmless and without any adverse side effects, even to the most delicate constitution or frailest infant. Still other advantages are that the remedies are easily given and readily acceptable, even to children at ages when it is almost impossible to get them to accept other tablets or compounds.

In chronic disorders, considerable time is necessary to effect a proper cure. In these disorders, however, the allopath has little to offer in the way of a cure. With a combination of homeopathic and other natural methods, a cure can be effected as rapid as the body will allow; even if this takes several years.